What is Femtrail? Baby, don't hurt me!

Femtrail is a feminist and antifascist D.I.Y. zine. You can take part in Femtrail with a contribution of your choice. Let's create a collection of diverse opinions, ideas and experiences. Tell us: What does feminism mean to you?

How can I participate?


It doesn‘t matter if it’s a poem, short story, the story of something that actually happened to you or maybe an interview. Your possibilities are endless! It is also up to you whether you want to write 5 lines or a whole 2 pages. Just text? How boring! Paint something for Femtrail! Maybe as an addition to your text or as a standalone. Because this is not supposed to be a competition you don‘t have to be super professional. Stay true to your style and just do it! If you really don‘t want to paint or draw anyway, but you want to contribute a picture, grab your camera and look for a fitting subject. Remember: Color only for the blog. If you want it to be printed, check before how it’s going to look in black‘n'white! Help us to make this zine become reality!

Every contribution is important! You don‘t have to give/post your real name as an author – a nickname or a simple „anonymous“ works just as well!  In case there should be too many submissions, we‘ll have to decide which ones will appear in the zine. (They‘ll appear in the blog in any case!) This is supposed to be an antifascist and antisexist zine, so please make sure that your contributions are in tune with that. In case we find something offensive, we‘ll let you know and give you an opportunity to change your post. If you choose to not change your post, we might prefer to ignore and not publish your submission. If you absolutely don‘t have the time or motivation to contribute to Femtrail, please do tell your friends, acquaintances and relatives about us.